Property and Casualty

Property and casualty insurance covers a broad range of products and services designed for our business clients. PRIME RE LTD is committed to helping its clients recover from financial setbacks caused by property or casualty losses. Our team of experts works closely with the customers to develop customized insurance policies incorporating innovative reinsurance solutions.

Our company has designed loss recovery insurance packages specialized for agriculture, marine, automotive and aviation industries.

PRIME RE LTD provides timely and effective services to protect its clients in the event of a fire that can cause extensive damages to their properties and can negatively impact their financial resources. Our specialists develop solutions that bring added value to the customers and meet their needs in times of hardship, by offering support whenever it is necessary.

Our company provides marine hull insurance to protect companies that incur physical damage to their ships. Our expertise and financial stability are essential for insurance companies and businesses in order to manage and mitigate the risks they face.

PRIME RE LTD also offers reinsurance solutions for complex engineering projects that involve specific risks. Our innovative policies are created through a close collaboration with our clients, making sure adequate coverage is included. We intend to continue expanding our offer by identifying and assessing emerging risks on the market and developing mitigation measures.

Our expertise allows us to serve our clients in the automotive and aviation industries as well. We provide tailored coverage and support companies in managing the specific high risks they are facing in their business. PRIME RE LTD places great emphasis on its capacity to respond to all its clients’ needs, including those associated with particularly risky environments and activities.

Agriculture insurance is a valuable instrument for farmers, helping them to avoid or limit potentially devastating financial losses. We are here to assist farmers protect their capital and increase production, by covering the financial risks that may arise in agriculture. Depending on the complexity of potential damages and financial losses, we offer named-peril or multi-peril crop policies, as well as revenue protection crop insurance.