Mission, Vision & Values


Our mission at PRIME RE LTD is to foster the development of the insurance and reinsurance industry and to expand our global reach through product and territorial diversification.


We aspire to become a word-class reinsurance company, recognized for excellent security and the high-quality services provided to our clients.


  • Professionalism

One of our core values is the professionalism we practice in everything we do, built on knowledge, experience, competence and quality. Our success is determined by the customer satisfaction and the value we bring to their business.

  • Integrity

We strive each day to act with integrity in conducting our business. PRIME RE LTD is compliant with the highest legal and ethical standards. We take pride in being transparent, fair and honest in our relationship with partners, clients, suppliers, employees and the general public.

  • Innovation

Anticipating and adapting to change is essential for our business industry, which is why innovation stands at the foundation of our organization. We are constantly developing forward thinking solutions and embrace new technology to improve our processes.

  • Constant Development

We focus on our constant development and improvement to ensure we provide the best services and solutions to our clients. We challenge ourselves to adapt to changing market conditions and to overcome deficiencies with agility and enthusiasm in order to achieve our goals.

  • Leadership

At PRIME RE LTD, we foster a work environment based on collaboration, trust and performance. We develop leaders by investing in our people and providing opportunities for growth within the company.

  • Respect

Treating others as we expect to be treated is a leading principle at PRIME RE LTD. We cultivate and embrace diversity and inclusion and value each individual’s unique talents and personality.

  • Responsibility

We hold ourselves accountable for our actions, by demonstrating ownership and reliability. Our organization is committed to fulfilling its obligations according to contractual terms and conditions and regulatory requirements and to take responsibility for the services provided.